Blog by Jen Wahlers 
The past few weeks have been an adventure for all of us. One of the most difficult adjustments for me is leaving the familar and venturing into something completely unknown; a different enviroment, different people, and new experiences. Stepping out of my comfort zone made me lean on the only familar thing left, God. It has given me the chance to truly open my heart and listen to what He needed me to hear. Waiting and listening have always been difficult for me, I like things to move quickly and happen in my own timing, but of course it never works out that way. This morning I finally sat down in silence, praying and listening and after a while something popped into my head “orphanage”.  I paused and then began to pray and found myself having a conversation with the Lord. Through this conversation I figured out that the Lord wants me to pursue my desired career in social work, but He also wants me to travel around the world helping children in orphanages. I will continue to pray and seek God’s direction regarding the future he has for me. I ask that you pray as well. It’s amazing what can happen when you open your heart and let the Lord walk in and consume you.

Blog by Andrew Bennett 
It’s been a week and a half since many of you have heard from me, and a lot has happened in that time. God has shown me many things about who He is, and who I am in Him. I have learned I need to forgive others, as well as myself for things that have happened in the past. I also have learned I can move on from the past and I don’t need to stay caught up in self pity and personal brokenness.  I can be repaired from that brokeness and become a better person in Christ.  Also, we have been doing a lot of ministry here in Paisley, Scotland that has really helped me grow and learn more about overseas missions.  We have done some outreach work with a few local churches and ministered to the homeless and teens here in Paisley.  It has been awesome!
Love you, miss you, God bless.