Lunch and Internet

Hey all! We don’t have a bunch of time today to blog, however we wanted to get as much of an update as possible. We are heading to another bush church service tonight. How exciting it is to worship with our fellow brother and sisters here!

This is our final communication day, so most likely this will be our last update until we arrive in the states. Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement! We are blessed to have such a supportive team back home! We love all of you!

Now we will let the ladies fill you in on what is happening with them!

Lauralynn Hubel:
Hey y’all 🙂
(just kidding. I’m not actually saying that now… much… I just couldn’t resist saying it)
Alright, well number one… there are nine more sleeps till I will be back in my own bed. I’m not sure whether I am indescribably excited about that, or heartbreakingly sad about that. I never want to leave this place, but I also want to go home. It’s too bad that I have to leave in order to go home. Maaaaaaybe one day my home could be here. And that would be the ultimate solution. 🙂 I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
I just wanted to let you all know that Daniel & the lion’s den has taken on an entirely knew meaning in my life. I have taught that same lesson five times in VBS/Sunday school, and I definitely have it memorized. It’s pretty ridiculous. But I think that you should all go read it again, and really study it. It may be thought of as a child’s story, but it still impacted my life after hearing it for the thousandth time. It’s an amazing story of Gods protection for his people 🙂
So yeeeeepp.. I love y’all, and can’t wait to give you all huge hugs when I get home <3 <3

Cera Allen:
Hey everyone! …and lauralynn totally says ya’ll now (:
Uganda is the most amazing place in the world. We have had such crazy experiences, and not many Americans they spent their 16th birthday in Africa. My team and my parents (even though they are thousands of miles away) made my birthday really special, and it was amazing. I have fallen in love with the school here in Busia, and Amber and I were put in the p5 class at last minute, but that was such a blessing. This class is amazing, and our translator has such an impacting testimony. Also, we got to experience helping bring 14 of these beautiful students to Christ just yesterday. Yesterday was the most blessed day I’ve had yet, and I can’t wait to begin to sponsor one of the children here when I get home. I will miss this beautiful country more than is understandable, but right nowI really miss all my family and friends, and I get SO excited thinking about seeing you in only 9 days. I’ve been thinking about you loads lately, and I can’t wait to share all the wonderful experiences I’ve had here.  I love love love you all and miss you so much! <3

A lot has happeed here in Uganda!!!  There is WAY too much to try to tell in two minutes.  As far as VBS goes, I was given the P4 class, and they are GREAT!!!  Wish I could say more, but we have to leave for a bush church.  BYE!!!

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