Being a Teacher is Hard.

Being a teacher is hard. For the past week we have been helping with a local school. I have been in the P2 class, which is the age range of second grade. I there are eight students in the P2 class. The teachers here have been taught to write something on the board, read it to the children, and have them repeat it over and over until they have memorized it. Then the children have to draw a picture of what they learned about. 

Most of the kids cannot read. In an attempt to help these kids actually learn to read, and give the teacher another teaching tool, I introduced them to Bingo, using three-letter words in the boxes. While we were doing it, they all looked really bored. It took FOREVER for them to make their Bingo cards. I had written one on the board for an example, and everyone copied it down exactly, so they all got a Bingo at the same time. When we were finished though, I wrote on the board the words we had used and asked each kid to read a word. Before we had played, they couldn’t read it, but after the game was over, they could read most of the words.

Praise God. 

Sometimes things don’t seem to be working, no progress is being made. We’re frustrated and feel like we are getting no where, just to find that when we planned on going one mile, we went two.

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