You know you’re in Jamaica when

you know you’re in Jamaica when……….

• mangos. everywhere. all the time.
• you drink juice out of a bag on the side of the road
• you’re sweating all the time, even in the shower
• you freak out when you finally get to drink something cold
• lizards and ants are your roommates, and you’re okay with it
• sometimes there are more goats than people
• every bus ride is a roller coaster
• creepy Rastafarians always try to talk to you
• even the cheap coffee is better than expensive American coffee
• people are constantly staring at you everywhere you go
• cow bells and roosters are your wake up call
• there’s no stop signs, but you stop for a goat crossing
• there’s a fruit tree in every backyard
• you’re enjoying your bowl of soup, and then find a chicken foot in it
• everyone’s your best friend, including that random stranger on the road
• cars and buses are constantly honking and playing music

…………and you love every second of it


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