Peace Within My Calling

From the moment I got here I felt at ease. We jumped off the bus eager and ready to meet the Jamaicans. They were so loving and excited to have us.

After spending time meeting the members of their team, I jumped into a game of basketball. Me participating in sports is a joke, but my energy was so positive. Thoughts kept rushing through my head that came from no where. “Be curious”, The Holy Spirit told me. Moments of peace filled me up. I realized that I was exactly where God called me to be. Dancing around with the kids, making a fool of myself trying to shoot, and allowing complete peace to fill me up. There has never been another moment in my life that I have felt that peace.

The prayers for my trip have been received and God has been working through them. This trip has not been easy, and my comfort zone has been pushed. But overtime God has shown himself to me through my teammates and my leaders. I have allowed myself to be pushed out of my comfort zone, while he is moving me to be curious.

I just keep telling myself to hang in there and allow the Holy Spirit to lead me.


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