White Picket Fence

This trip has completely changed the way I think about Christ. I have never encountered Jesus in such raw ways, or at least I have never noticed how powerful the Holy Spirit is. We learned at training camp about listening prayer, and at first I thought “that only happens in stories, that could never happen to me”. But I was so wrong. My leader Rachel had us do an exercise where we sat in a circle in complete darkness and just invited the Holy Spirit to show us anything he wanted the person who was tapped to know or think about. That round, I was the person who was tapped, so the whole team was asking the Lord for visions or words or encouragement for me, without actually knowing who it was who had been tapped. After a lot of silent prayer, we all shared what we had saw. My friend Chelsea said that she saw a white picket fence, but had no clue why. I shrugged that idea off, because something so silly and simple couldn’t possibly mean anything. Again, I was so wrong. The next day, we decided to go on an “Ask The Lord” prayer walk. We went with no directions, no ideas, only the Holy Spirit to guide us. Along the walk, I became very frustrated with The Lord for not giving me a sign or a color or literally anything. As soon as I begged the Holy Spirit to give me at least SOMETHING, he put “white picket fence” into my mind. I tried to shrug it off again, but as soon as I opened my eyes, I looked to the right, and saw the only white picket fence house I have seen during my Jamaica stay. I knew exactly what Jesus wanted me to do in that moment, so I ran over and prayed over the home and for the people inside and for their hearts and for their walks with Jesus. Although I did not get to meet the owners of the home, I trust full well that The Lord has BIG plans for them. Welcome the Holy Spirit into any situation, because it is crazy the way that he works.

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