a shoulder to cry on

As my time in Jamaica is coming to a close, I just wanted to share one of my many experiences here on this island. This was way back during the end of week one. My team caught the last two days of Vacation Bible School in Kingston. On Friday, I became very close with one of the little girls. Her name was Melan and she was four years old. We danced and played throughout the whole day.

At the end of the day, each teacher gave a gift to the best student in their class. What the three to five year old students didn’t know was that they all would get gifts, but only the best in the class got called out. When Melan didn’t receive one she began to cry and cry. I held her in my arms and told her over and over again that after snack time she was going to get her own present. My heart melted. This moment was the worst moment in this four year old’s life. I cuddled her and told her how valuable she was and how much she was loved. She would look at me with her tear streaked face and then hide her little head into my shirt. I just felt her pain even though it was over something so small. I remember setting her down and letting her get a snack. I never saw her again.

Looking back on that day I notice things that I never saw before. I realized that Melan bawling in my shoulder was like me resting on the Lord. He is alway there for me, a shoulder to cry on, someone to lift you up, someone to let you know that you are loved. He wants us to feel His comfort and run into His arms. I felt so privileged being there in her worst moment. Being able to cradle her and let her know someone cared. I realize that we all need this everyday of our lives. I am so grateful that I have my Father to run to in times of need and someone to lean on. Looking back on that experience showed me that God will always be there and He will always welcome me with open arms.


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