1 Week Home

My frist full week of being home is over and I am thankful to be home don’t get me wrong; but there is something in me that is ready to be back out on the field now. I’m still learning how to take everything I learned on field and apply it here at home. 

Since being home I have started reading my bible again and writing things down that don’tt want to forget or things that I need to work on. My relationship with God has grown so much from being able to have this opportuinty. I now take time out of my day to sit and talk with God. 

My family has been as supportive as they chould be and they are trying to understand everything but there are somethings they still just don’t get. Whitch I’m learning is okay. As for my siblings I’m working on that. In the fact that they have been on a mission trip our even to a different country, so they don’t  see everything the way that I do. It makes me mad at times and I have to take amount to myself to regroup and understand that we have different perspectives on things. 

Through out this whole pross of being home and will I was out on the field, I learning everyday that no matter what I am loved by my father and he wants me right were I’m at. Not when I have everything figuered out, but right now.

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