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Blog #2

Being truly satisfied.

On every mission trip or Christian retreat we always talk about being “satisfied”, but I have never really gotten the concept of it. On this trip I think I have finally gotten it. To be truly satisfied in jesus is to give him your all, with no regrets, and letting him satisfy you. Right now I have never felt more at peace in my whole life, I have given everything I have to jesus, and for the first time I actually believe in what I am saying right now. I. Am. Satisfied. The lord works in many different ways, sometimes I really don’t understand how some of the things can be good. But he has a plan, ALWAYS! You really just have to trust in him, not just kinda trust in him but to REALLY trust in him. For if you do, you will be satisfied. Right now in Jamaica, I am satisfied. God has put some sort of peace on my mind and on my body, and it’s AMAZING!! I have never felt something like this in my whole life, and it is sensational. God is good, and I can now say that Christ is enough. He is enough. And he truly satisfies and if you have him and he has ALL of you, you will be satisfied.

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