Hello!  It’s hard to believe our trip is nearing its end. While we’re all excited to come back home, I think we’re all in denial about the trip being over as well.  We’ve had so much fun together!

After seeking the Lord’s direction, we arrived a day early at our originally planned debrief site to do some ministry at Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios.  What a stunning sight!  We were able to pray with and for some employees and guests and to speak Life over the people there, praying God’s love over all we saw.   We’ll be staying at a hotel here tonight, enjoying the beach and the market tomorrow, and will be returning to Kingston tomorrow for a last-night talent show put on by the kids at the school.

What a gift it’s been to enjoy this beautiful country with such an incredible group of high schoolers!  Our drive this morning was spectacular and we got to enjoy an authentically Jamaican meal tonight with rice and peas (rice and beans), jerk chicken, jerk pork, fried chicken, and curried goat, along with some delicious fruit juice.

Can’t wait to share more stories with everyone.  Thanks for your prayers!