Breaking The Shell

We I first arrived in Jamaica we got off the plane and I felt that we were just throw right in to everything and it had been a long day already waiting at the airport to leave. So I felt like I  didn’t want to be there and I didn’t want to get to know anyone. I just wanted my mom. I refused to eat anything that was new me. I just wanted to be home.

My leaders Rachel and Kirsten each took me a side and told me it was okay to feel like this and it was okay to miss home. They encouraged me to not only to eat but to try new things. So I started slowly working on things, but I was still hiding behind my camera.

Kristen took me aside again and told me that I have so much to offer and that I should hide. So the next day I left my phone in my bag and talked to people and really got to know them. They so openly shared their stories with me. They made me think about my walk with God.

Later that night I had a chance to share my testimony with my small group. Normally I would worried that someone would judge me, but at that moment I wasn’t. I felt so close to my team and with God at this that if they did judge I it wouldn’t matter.  So when I was finished they hugged me and gave me encouragement.

They were super nice about it. My team loves each other unconditionally. I could go to any of them and know that they had my back.

Though my journey is just beginning I have grown so much. So to those who like to hide break your shell. Go and talk to someone, because I can tell you it is amazing to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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