Feet. People dislike feet. They are not the most appealing thing about us. We use them to walk far distances. We use them to run races or kick a ball. We use our feet to stand on, constantly. Would you use the word beautiful to describe your feet? I ask this question because before this trip, that would be the last word I used to describe my feet. While at training, for my month long mission trip to Uganda, my leader washed my dirty feet. I didn’t want her to have to feel the cuts on the bottom or the dirt that pretty much covered my entire foot, but she did it any way. I experienced an overwhelming feeling of joy as she prayed over just my feet. I saw Jesus in her and felt Jesus in me more than I ever have. In John 13 Jesus and his disciples were having the Passover feast. The devil had already prompted Judas to betray Jesus. At that time Jesus began washing the disciples feet. Simon Peter refused to let him, but Jesus replied “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me” I believe Jesus washed the disciples feet to show servant hood, humbleness, and love. While in Uganda during a church service the mzungus, the white people, were given the opportunity to wash the feet of the people. I kneeled and began to pray over every pair of feet that were dipped in the semi clean bucket of water that sat in front of me. I prayed that each pair of feet would walk to seek Jesus and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. It was honestly one of the most humbling experiences. I was simply attempting to live like Jesus did and he blessed me for it. He allowed me to touch and wash his children’s beautiful feet. So lets talk about my feet. They are dirty from the red dirt roads that seem to throw dust just about everywhere. They are smelly, no matter how hard you scrub. They are cracked because I hate wearing shoes. They have a funky chaco tan because sometimes I need to wear something to protect them. But most importantly they are beautiful because I’m bringing good news. Jesus has died for you and saved you from your sins but he is risen! “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news Romans 10:15 “

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