Life in Uganda!

Life in Uganda is good. And yet, the African bush is incredibly different from what we’re used to back home. Here’s a glimpse into our daily life!

At 7:30am we come together for a traditional Eastern African breakfast that is often served with flat bread (Chipati) or even donuts (Mandazi). There’s always popping hot tea and coffee to sip as well! 

This week we spent some of our days at a local school. The school doesn’t have electricity, they have ONE book for an entire classroom of students, and they only have 22 pencils for a group 35 students.  Quite different from the schools we all come from.  

We eat lunch with them—phosho and beans—without using any silverware. We form the phosho, which feels almost like play-doh, to make a “spoon” to pick up the beans. It’s been quite the learning curve! The teachers told our host how surprised they were that we would eat their local food. It has given us a lot of credibility.

Internet is difficult. It’s hardly fast enough to handle e-mail! But that simply pushes us to be even more engaged right where we are. However, we’ll all be excited to share photos and stories when we get back!

Although we’re out in the bush, we live in a beautiful compound that has electricity (the entire place runs on solar powder—we’re not even hooked up to a grid). And this allows us to hang out and have fun together each evening as we do team times, play games or make posters for the school. 

Our dinners are a buffet of authentic African food. They include everything from potatoes to vegetable stew to sautéed greens. This Monday they even made a banana pudding for our dessert!

We really are in love with it here and are excited to share more in the weeks ahead!

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