One More Day

So the time is drawing near. Tomorrow we start our long journey back to the States. Back home.


            I am so thankful for the chance of partaking in this adventure. So thankful to everyone who donated and prayed. I’m thankful that my parents allowed me to go away for a month without them. And I am so thankful to God for making it all happen and being with me through it all.


Not gonna lie, there we definitely some points during this trip where I longed for home. Sometimes I just wanted to get a real shower and not be constantly covered in dust. Sometimes we got frustrated by “African time” or just really wanted to eat a meal besides rice and beans. And I still really look forward to those things when I return.


            But there is so much I am going to miss as well. First of all, the people. Pastor Moulndey and his wife Daphene, their children, and all the other translators have grown so close to us. They took such great care of us and pampered us more than we deserved. We are so indebted to them. Oh, and did I mention I made 17 new best friends during my time here? I’ll miss constantly being around my lovely team with the encouragement, deep conversations, and just fun times. I will miss all the other pastors, teachers, hospital patients, students, random people on the streets, and the children that we’ve had the privilege to meet. And all those sweet little hugs. I’ll miss the longgg church services that are full of unashamed worship to God. And I’ll miss this beautiful land of Uganda with the gorgeous rolling hills and mountains, the stunning Lake Victoria, and the wide-open sky.


            I will never forget this trip. I got to feed a monkey, walk in the Nile River, pray over a two hour old baby, and much more. All of those just happened in the past few days! Overall it was just an amazing God time of loving the people who don’t always receive that attention.


            We are leaving this place physically, but it will never leave our hearts. We will continue to pray for the people, for love, healing, comfort, and peace in Uganda. And that the people would come to know the God that loves them in a very real way. Will you join us in prayer? Because God adores the Pearl of Africa, and so do I.


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