This mission trip has been amazing!! I wanted to share something that God has shown me and laid on my heart. I have always known that God hears people’s prayers and answers them, but it wasn’t until this trip when God really showed me He hears and answers MY prayers. Before coming to Uganda, I was answering questions that people in my church had. Someone from my youth group asked me, “What is your biggest fear?” Automatically I answered, “Not being able to fulfill God’s will for my life.” I had been praying for months that God would give me boldness, strength, and courage that can only come from Him, and ever since I have gotten off the plane here in Uganda, God has answered my prayer! It is absolutely amazing what all God has done IN ME! He has given me boldness, strength, and courage that I have never had before!

            God has also shown me that He answers prayers in ways I can’t even imagine! Months before I came on this mission trip, I prayed for months that God would give me just one friend in the town where I am gong to college, because I didn’t know anyone going to my college or anyone that lived in the town. When I went to training camp, I met THREE girls that are from the town that I am going to college at! I was blown away! Also, during training camp, our group did a special prayer session were everyone on the team prayed for each person. After it was my turn to be prayed over, one of the girls told me that God was telling her the word friendship, that I would find friendship! I was and still awestruck! I had no words! God answered my prayers in such a way that I could never imagine and He is still answering my prayer!

            By God answering my prayer in such an incredible way, He gets ALL the glory, which He should! None of this was a coincidence!! This is all God’s wonderful work!!! My reminder to everyone and myself is that God DOES hear your prayers and answers them in ways we cannot fathom!!

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