Well, I thought it was about time that you folks out there know my team and family that I have grown to love dearly from the bottom of my heart for the last month. We are a group of 18 girls who love each other to pieces. We are like a regular family. We have problems, we solve our problems, we spread Jesus together, we encourage each other, we make awesome memories together, we go on adventures together, and we have even done Christmas together.

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On this post I thought I would post a picture, as you can tell. That was of us all in front of waterfall this morning before we headed to Nile River on our free day. This picture is dear to me not only because it’s of us all, but also because of the memories that go along with it. After this picture we all sat on a tarp with a hot cup of Ugandan tea in our hand two pieces of toast layered in Fat Spread, and a couple bits of eggs. We had the sound of a waterfall and the sight of a creek and old bridge in front of us. It was the best breakfast and memory God could have provided.

So, now I thought I would tell you about my team. Girl by girl, friend by friend, sister by sister. I love them all dearly and have learned a new kind of different but deeper love from each one of them. So here it goes:

Left to Right:

-Kelly: Kelly is the oldest out of our 2 strong leaders. She always has a smile or/and laugh on her face. If she is in a room I can bet you, you will laugh at least 5 times just because she’s laughing. And the laugh God gave her is so contagious and her smile so radiant that all you see is love. Yes, since she is our leader she can say no and keep us safe, but at the same time she just gets in the dirt and has so much fun with you. From just dog pilling on her bed, to chats, and singing songs, to giving glow sticks out the windows of moving Taxis. She is just the strongest leader I have ever met and on fire for God!

-Abbi: Well, Abbi is one of a kind. She is always making me smile. The way she picks out the unwanted kids in the crowd and just cares to them. They way she loves on them and plays with them like they are any other kid. The strength she has to praise God and share God’s love with those weak and hurt, even when seeing or hearing what has happened to them. On the lighter side, Abbi can say some pretty funny comments that make everyone laugh and bring a smile to their face. She’s just amazing!

-Tyler: Tyler is one of my roomies J She is our joy. Always smiling and dancing. I have never not seen her when she’s either playing music or dancing to it play. She is absolutely gorgeous not only on the outside but on the inside as well. She is humble and pure. Always giving of herself and serving others first. I definitely look up to her for that! Also I have to let you all know, that she is a fantastic worship leader and I always end up seeing her where ever we go with a group of kids around her dancing and singing with them. God definitely given her that gift, so she could share Jesus and his Love on a level not many can but many Love!

-Bailey: This young lady is a momma. She takes the young ones that, I sometimes personally can’t handle, under her wing. If there is a crying baby Bailey is walking her to sleep, if there is an infant throwing a fit Baily is there to help them trough it in the most loving way, if there is a hurt knee she doctors its up, etc. … Her heart is so soft and tender and passionate for those young ones. Also, some of you may know that Baily has been sick off and on this trip, but NO that did not hold her back. She told the Love of Jesus though it all even if she wasn’t outside of the compound. She is not only the nurturing mother but also the strong, obedient, loving, courageous women that God calls us ladies to be; that I wish I was more like.

-Melissa: Melissa is the only smart person on our team that brought a huge tub of peanut butter and Goldfish that saved most of our taste buds lives. LOL, she is also an amazing woman of God that I cannot explain. I do not ever think I have seen her with a frown or an unhappy word. She is always thinking positive and just helping us all think positive in a loving and nice way. Her love she has for God sprouts out of her like a flower. She is beautiful on the out side (and inside) and healthy and well rooted in the ground of God and His word and love. Always sharing with others whether lost or found. It is amazing to see!

Al: Also known as Mom. Well, both Al and Kelly are called mom on this trip. Anyways, Al is our 2nd leader who is one of the strongest women I know! She is not only grounded and cemented in Gods written word but also loves when God speaks to her spiritually. Let me just say that she is above and beyond beautiful inside and out. God’s love just penetrates through her in every little tiny thing she does. From praying and seeking God with us for our ATL to feeding wild monkeys and swinging off Tarzan vine swings with us. Her love for God and how she shows it to all around her amazes me in a new and different way each day, and inspires me to be greater for God!

-Kate: Well, haha thats me. J I’ll just say I am absolutely in love with Jesus, but am still and always will be on an on an incredible journey with him. Asking him to open my eyes to more every day, and asking him to change my heart and make in me a clean and pure heart every day, as well.

-Maddy: Oh, Maddy! She is the oldest out all us 16 other girls. She is joy, love, kindness, and amazing worship leader, and so much more. The way I see her and watch her when she comes before God is humbling. She just raises her hands, shouts to the Lord, and does not have a care what the world thinks of her. Her heart becomes her and the love of Jesus just escapes from her mouth. Also, the love she has for children is amazing. She can be firm but yet gentle but yet kind and loving all at the right times needed. She works with the kids like it’s her 2nd nature. Wait, probably because it is. God gave her that gift for a reason and I love the living day lights out of her and how she shows Gods Love in those kinds of ways!

-Ashely: Whenever I think of Ashely I think of a courageous, brave, strong woman of God. She doesn’t care what others think of her as long as the Love of Jesus gets spread. Also, the smile she radiates is crazily amazing! You will not have a conversation with at least not smiling a couple times; I’ll be surprised if you both aren’t laughing. I look up to her in that way so much. I wish I didn’t care so much about what others thought about me. The way she uses the courage and Love God gave her is inspirational and amazing. There’s no other way to explain it on this earth!

– Maila: Malia is my snuggle buddy when either (or both) of us is home sick. She’s so cute, so calm, so loving, so cheerful, so much more that I could list as well! After getting to know her this month I look at her and not only see a beautiful girl, but a strong woman of God. A girl who has stood up to so much in her life, a girl who stood up for what she believes, and girl fought to have a relationship with God, a girl who has an amazing relationship with God, and a girl who Loves God with all heart and will and is serving him with all her heart. She is one amazing courageous girl who smiles and praises God through whatever storm is in her life.

-Chelsey: First of all Chels can pull of any style and any headband you hand her; even if she disagrees it’s a true fact. Second of all, Chels is, let’s just say, one heck of a Jesus girl. And what I mean by that is that in all that she possibly can and is she serves Jesus. In every little conversation, action, touch and more she displays Jesus. It doesn’t stop at the gate of the compound after ministry. She takes it into the compound, the bedrooms, the team times, the personal conversations with team members and more It is incredible to see her portray the Joy of the Lord like nothing else! (She is my BAE.)

-Natalie: Nat, is my bed buddy. We sleep next to each other in our four girl room at the compound. Nat is a very honest (in a good way) and encouraging girl. There are many time I remember being exhausted in the mourning, because me and her had stayed up till 1 or 2 AM talking, being honest, sharing stories, and encouraging each other with talk and God’s word while eating “want-to-be” American snacks. Every single one of those conversations I have walked away encouraged and feeling loved on by Jesus so much. Jesus has given her a gift of honesty and encouragement and she is using it for Christ like none other. And I’m so proud of her!

-Katie: Katie is not only awesome cause I share her name, but also because she is a pure, beautiful, genuine, loving, kind, and loyal friend. She listens to every thing you have to say, and makes you feel like you are important and special in life. She makes you feel like somebody really does want to listen to you. Someone as pretty as her wants to sit down face-to-face and just love on you by listening to what you have to say and not interrupt. God has given her this loving, kind, loyal, genuine gift of listening and loving and being genuine towards other. And she has not pushed it aside. She has embraced it and I look up to her for that! To me that is incredible and I love her so, so much!:)

-Deanna: Deanna always has the most thoughtful and inspiring words when she speaks. When she speaks up everyone’s mouth is shut and their minds just can’t comprehend what she states. Her words are so deep in the truth of God and His Love and Words, that we are usually just kind of dumbfounded by the amazement of what she speaks. She not only always speaks with truth, peace, love, and compassion, but yet she acts with it too. It is amazing to watch and see and again this girl inspires me as well so much, just on a whole new level.

-Amie: I do not think I have ever gotten up out of bed and walk in the hall to see how frightful my hair looks like and have not see Amy up and smiling saying, “Good Mourning Kate! How are you? Are you feeling well? Did you sleep good?” The thing is she doesn’t only do this to me she asks multiple people how they slept and how they are feeling, and genuinely means it. And she really wants to know. She is like the most peaceful river; gorgeous on the outside and inside, and the most peaceful thing. Just going with the flow, not stressing out, and just beautiful and relaxing to be around. She not only has fun and just great times with us all and just has a blast, but also I have never seen someone so grounded in Gods word and wanting to know what His word (written and spoken) means for real. It is incredible to me how she does it. God’s strength and peace is definitely seen through her more and more each day I spend with her!

-Michaela: Michaela is also my roomie, (the 4th and final). I always call her Canada which I know is weird but she is the only one on our team from CanadaJ I love her to pieces. She has a little spark in her eyes at all times and she loves simply just through who she is. It amazing to see her just be herself and through that you see Christ and Love just flare up and just explode in all she does. I’ve never been able to explain Michaela other than she is completely amazing to talk to, an amazing person in general, and that she just acts out God in every single little thing she does! It’s insane to watch for a month! She is one of the best roomies and I have to say I loved to hear her laughing with Nat when I was trying to sleep even if they were keeping me up. I really am gonna miss that.

-Jordan: Jordan and Amie share a room and whenever I walk across the hall into their room I feel an instant peace. They let off a peace from God that is uncontainable. I have had some great memories with Jordan and I have to say she is just a fun person to be with. She is not only super fun to be with, but the peace, love, and compassion that comes off of her and from within her from the Jesus living in her is insane. It precious and I m gonna miss having that to run to and be with whenever I need it. She is just one of the most humbling and inspiring girls to be around!

-Dari: Last but SURELY not least is Dari! Dari is …. let’s just say…. the life of the party! There is no way on this earth you will could be in the same room as her and not laugh a couple times. There is no way! The good sass, jokes and JOY that pours out onto everyone around is crazy. God has given her this talent to show His love and she is showing His love alright! Also, Dari just has fun. When we are out doing ministry she will take the kids and just have fun. I do not know how because she is literally doing nothing, but they are laughing and yelling like it’s the funniest thing they have ever done. To me it’s incredible to see and I am so encouraged by it, and I will miss her so so much!


Well that is all 18 of us in a nutshell. This trip only has a few more days left and I am very, very sad. I’m leaving my family that I have had for one of the longest, yet shortest, months of my life. I love these girls a lot and believe with all my heart that the Love of God is portrayed through each one of them greatly in ways that words cannot even describe. I am going to miss them all, but I trust that these family memories we are all making here are not about to end…not even after August 1st !