We Found Healing in a Broken Place.

 From uganda.myadventures.org

Leaving a hospital in general is awful and heart wrenching, but leaving a third world, extremely sad and hurting people is one of the hardest things I have ever experienced.

The first person I got to pray with, I ended up crying and abruptly getting told by my translator to stop crying because it brings down the parents.


I didn’t even think of this, but I understood. So I then continued to cry, at least on the inside and through many long prayers and cries for healing, strength, comfort and peace over the people laying in the beds and over the families and just over the whole place.


After leaving one pediatric ward to go to the next, I quickly lost it. Lost the ability to hold in anymore tears, lost myself to the overwhelming presence of not being able to do anything for the people.


BUT, Jesus is the answer. (I was reminded by a team mate’s prayer over me.)


I am so excited to go back. We later found news that the next day, three of the children we prayed over were completely healed and got to walk themselves out of the hospital to go home to enjoy their new lives, with healing.


God is able, God is good, Jesus is alive and He IS moving in Uganda and in every hospital, in every country…You just have to seek Him out.