Ireland Thus Far

Well…we made it to Ireland!  It is absolutely beautiful here and we are all in love with the land, people, and culture of the Irish!  


Our host family Ruth and Andrew have lived in Buncrana for 7 years now and we have been so blessed by hearing their story and having the opportunity to be part of their ministry.  


Andrew showed us around the first day we saw some really great landscapes, celtic crosses, and an ancient stone circle.  Andrew is officially the best tour guide in all the land.  


Ruth and Andrew run a secular youth drop in center each night where youth can come and have a safe place to hang out. Last night our team got to meet many kids that came in and out of the center.  Our goal during this time is to just show the love of Christ.  We want to be a light in a dark place, and we feel we best model Christ when we are listening, asking questions, playing games, and loving the youth of Buncrana.  


During our time here we will be working with the youth, partnering with Churches, helping with a radio ministry, and prayer walking throughout the streets.  


Please pray for our health, the youth of Buncrana, Ruth and Andrew, and that we can be Gods hands and feet, ears and mouth while we are here!


Thank you for all you have done!


A shout out from the girls:


Elisa says :  beautiful, amazing, breathtaking,


Micah says:  mom and dad this is it, we have to move here!!! It is wonderful!


Mikayla says:  I am having a magical time full of rainbows, leprechauns, and gold.  Thanks everyone for sending me here!

From ireland-hs.adventures.org

From ireland-hs.adventures.org


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