The team has arrived in Carlow for our last week of ministry! The hospitality has been overwhelming here! Carlow Bible Church has welcomed us with open arms and we are exciting to begin ministering around the town. Here’s what is coming up:
Ashley, Colby, Hope, Charlotte, Lydia, Megan, and Christine will be working alongside the children’s ministry in the church. Monday they will start holding a morning kids’ club in one housing area and another kids’ club in a second housing area in the afternoons. For 5 days they will be gathering children into the open fields and pouring Jesus’ love into these children.
Laura, Corey, Melissa, Anna, and Emily along with more friends from OM Ireland and the local church will be doing street evangelism in the mornings and afternoons. We will be setting up booths and doing surveys with anyone and everyone who has time to talk. The great thing is that the local newspaper is interested in what we are doing and will be advertising for us and then publishing the results of the survey!
Another exciting part of working here is that we are initiating these ministries during our week here and the church has a great plan to follow up after we leave. The Kids’ Club will be launched this week and then will continue every Saturday going forward. We will compile the results of the survey from the streets in order for Carlow Bible Church to begin meeting practical needs around town. God is moving here and we are diving in!!!
Please join us in prayer throughout this week. As we dive into the midst of God’s movement, we can expect Satan to be more than a wee bit upset. Here are some specific ways to pray:
  • Divine Appointments: Those whose hearts are prepared will be available for the Kids’ Club and to meet us on the street.
  • Good Weather: Ireland has lived up to its reputation when it comes to rain. However, the next week will be all outdoor ministry. Pray that we will have the exact weather we need when we need it!!! No matter what comes, we will persevere!
  • Health and Safety: This can be Satan’s favorite way to attack. Pray that God would always go before and behind us and protect us on every side.
  • Unity: Pray that we as a team along with the church would have the same heart and the same vision for all that God wants to do.
To guide you in your prayers, here are our plans for each day:
  • Sunday – fellowship with Carlow Bible Church
  • Monday – Day 1 of club and street work. Interviews with local paper.
  • Tuesday – Club and Street.
  • Wednesday – Club and Street. Local Paper will publish first story on what we are doing.
  • Thursday – Clean up Carlow Day. A highly advertised day to deal with the litter problem in Carlow. Pray that we can introduce Carlow to the One who trades the rubbish of our lives in for His beauty.
  • Friday – Club and Street. This evening we will have a community BBQ to begin the follow up process.
  • Saturday – the team travels to a nearby town (Kilkenny) to debrief the trip.
  • Sunday – fly back to Atlanta!!!

Thank you for standing with us as we finish strong in all God has for us to do!!!!