It truly has been an honor to lead a group that is made up of such amazing and beautiful people! Thank you for trusting us with them. We gave each participant a chance today to write a letter to everyone back home. Hope you enjoy!

frank, bekah, and toni-lynn

Ireland is such a beautiful land, like something you would find on a postcard. But once you look around and see large groups of teens wandering, smoking, drinking and hunched over literally looking for trouble – you realize that this beautiful place is far from picturesque. Also, the teens view of God and Christianity is more of a religious nametag instead of a genuine relationship.

Even though we’ve only been here a short time God is already showing up. He’s opening doors of conversation and allowing the teens to be open to our love for them. I praise God for all of the people who supported me and allowed God to use them to send me here. The whole team is anticipating God’s future works.

Please continue praying for us as we pour more into the youth drop-in center.


The Lord’s utter magnificence, power and planning has time and again made itself evident. The uniqueness of each individual on this team, and how each of us complement each other, building us up, astounds. Our team is great, love everyone, the diverse and different backgrounds we come from strengthens the drive and purpose we have here at the Drop-in center. So I want to say thank you, love you guys, and again reiterate the strength of God’s presence here.


Hello from Ireland!

After traveling 36 long hours we finally arrived in Dungarvan about 8 days ago. Everything is green, and all the people are so nice. There are a lot of things that are culturally a bit different from us but we are enjoying learning from our hosts how to better connect with the youth here.

One thing God has been teaching me lately is that even though we’re all different here, we all serve one God and he is always the same. See you all at the end of the month! Thanks for all the prayers and support.


Thank you for the opportunity to be able to go to Ireland. So far the drop-in center has been doing great. Please be praying for more youth to come until the end.

Ben Mulhern

hello to everyone home and thank you for your prayers and support! i’m so excited to be here and the work we’re doing here is truely amazing.

– Darleen

thank you to everyone who has supported my journey in ireland. not only have we been able to help the teens here, but we’ve also been able to help each other. as we strolled the park of a castle on sunday, God seemed to answer many questions i had about myself and my future. i’m excited to be here and can’t wait to come home with a new attitude and outlook towards obstacles, mistakes, and situations.

Thanks again to my support back home!