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I have been keeping a journal so you’ll know absolutely everything that’s been happening to me. Anyway, they dodrive on the other side of the road here, I don’t remember who I was talking to about that. So, we are in a flat here. There are 8 total, 6 girls and 2 leaders. The ages of the girls range from 15 to 19. There is a summer kids camp that starts on Monday, that is the main thing that we are helping our church with. We have painted a couple of the upstairs rooms in the church and have also attended a few church services with the church that we’re working with here, it is called Christ Alive Church. Their kids camp has a total of over 300 kids attending, ages from 5 to 12. Isn’t that SO encouraging? Most of the people here are really non-religious, so it is very exciting to see a church that has succeeded sooo much. Also, there is another group here to help with the kids camp, a group of 25 from Texas. I really miss all of you, at home and at church.Thank you soo much for your prayers! By the way, Ireland is so awesome, I might just have to stay here… Love and miss you all loads!

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