Hello all!
     I hope that all of you are well! We have been able to get back on a sort of schedule since we came back to Nauta. A typical day for us consists of team prayer time at 7am then quiet time with the Lord until breakfast at 8am. At 9 we start our work for the day. The girls have been cutting grass and weeds with machetes and the guys have been digging wells down at the bottom of the hill. I am going to try and put a picture of them up under ¨photos¨ on the left hand side of our page. I am going to pre-apologize if it doesn´t work (this blog alone takes about an hour to post, it´s very very slow here). At lunch we come in, wash up, and eat lunch. We have free time (it has turned into nap time) after lunch until 2 or 3. Around 3 we either go out and invite the children in our area to our VBS program (Mon/Wed/Fri) or we head into Nauta to do ATL´s (ask the Lord) or sports ministries. We head back in for dinner and then change for various church services. At each church service we sing together, two people give their testimonies, one of the guys will preach, and we alternate our three groups to do one of their dramas. By the time all of that is over we are exhausted, but we still have made time to do a scavenger hunt all over Nauta for the students. We took everyone to get ice cream after that! I think we have eaten that little ice cream store out of every chocolate ice cream bar there was. We have a team time to debrief the day and hear their hearts. Then we head off to bed. Tomorrow is Sunday and I think we are going to take them to a soccer game in between church services. I just wanted to give you a clue as to what our days here in Nauta look like. We celebrated the last of our three birthdays today. Seve turned 17! There is a tradition here in Peru where someone smashes an egg on your head on your birthday. Luke, Stephanie, and Seve have all been egged! Seve tried to get the pastor with one this morning, but she got two eggs smashed in her hair instead of one! We love our team and have truly enjoyed getting to know them. Love to all!
Serving Him,