Peru-ve It!

After nearly 31 hours of travel, the amazing thirteen women of the Peru Ambassador team have arrived safely to Iquitos!
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As a leader, it was incredible to see our ten young women step out in faith before we even arrived to our country. At every turn, it felt like there was an opportunity to minister to someone, pray for someone, or share the Gospel with someone — and these ladies took those opportunities and ran with them! There was Joe, Tristan and Tabitha, Mel and Tim, and countless others. 

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I have been blown away by the positive attitudes of these young women. For some of these ladies, this was their first time out of the country, and they traveled with so much trust and peace. Even when it came time for us to camp out in the airport for a few hours, there was not a single utterance of complaining, groaning or grumbling. They made the best of every tough situation — and always came out on the other side laughing and full of joy! They even spontaneously began to worship through song tonight as we rested at the YWAM Iquitos base.
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These ladies have already been showing me what it looks like to walk BY the Spirit. And not only in the spiritual sense, but in the real life, walking alongside like a friend way. These ladies seem to always have joy at their side, and I am excited to see that transform the villages we get to visit these next fifteen days.
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Tomorrow we embark on the final leg of our journey into the jungle. We have a two hour bus ride followed by a two hour boat ride up the Amazon river! We believe tha
God will show up through His Holy Spirit — we are just waiting for Him to Peru-ve it!

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