Day of Rest

Hello everyone back on the home front, all the students say hello.  We have been having a great time the last few days seeking Gods direction.  You have truly blessed us as leaders with great kids.  We could not have asked for a better team. 

As I write yall this letter I am sitting in an office with a roster crowing every two seconds so bare with me if I run off course.  The Spirit has been moving in our group a lot the last few days.  We have been spending time listening to what he has to say, and it has been very sweet.  God is good.  Yesterday we headed out of The Salvation Army Compound to do some prayer walks and to talk to people on the street.  A few of our students were able to talk to some people about Christ.  Nothing has come of it yet, but we are very positive because God has been moving in great ways.  During our ATLs (Ask The Lord) times, God has been showing us how faithful he is, and confirming the words that he has been giving us. 

Through doing these your students have begun to grow in Christ.  I have seen God do as much or more work in transforming your students lives then anything.  They have a burning passion an desire to seek God, which is something that really excites me.

On a milder note, we have been having fun here at the school too.  The other night we enjoyed a pool party here at the school alone with some of the students.  It was a great time together.  The students got a little taste of home when we broke out the Oreos.  You would have thought they turned into pigs, but I guess I can’t exclude myself in that cause I joined in too. 

Please be in for our next few days.  The weather here has been off and on raining, and we would really like some sun shine.  I thank you for your prayers, and please keep praying them.  They are being heard.  Praise be to God.



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