Today the word fluid which has been reiterated to us since training camp took on a whole new meaning, yet ended in a blessing. After presenting nearly fifty precious Mexican children with the parable of the lost coin we realized that we were stuck with the middle age group and had nothing prepared. Expectant faces stared at us from wooden church pews but we could not allow ourselves to panic. We quickly searched our brains and rapidly decided upon leading the children in a song time. Those minutes filled with worship turned out to be the highlight of my day. The Lord brought to mind several songs including: “I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down In My Heart” and “Jesus Loves Me”. Normally leading songs is an activity I would do anything to avoid; however allowing ourselves to be fluid made the way for our hearts to be blessed.  As the name of Jesus Christ was exalted and the high pitch praises of young children reverberated off the walls; I was unsure as to who received the greater blessing.  Was it us or the Mexican children?  Either way the name of our mighty God was lifted up and that it is what truly matters.

                                                                                                                               By: Erin Yates