Rio Grande Valley (2 Week Team)

Friends and Family!! All is well in the Rio Grande Valley. The 2 week Texico team has arrived and adjusted well to our humble abode at Way of the Cross. The 5 week team has been SO welcoming and willing to get to know us.
Ministry thus far has been VBS at a nearby church in a “Little Mexico” neighborhood. We also participated in a prayer meeting with Way of the Cross ministries and God showed up big time. Our team unanimously described the night as amazing, allowing them to worship freely. — Jenny and Lisa

From mexico-hs.adventures.org

Here is what God is doing in their own words:

Claire: We have only been on the trip for a short amount of time, but God has already taught me a ton. He has shown me how much he loves me and I just need to trust in Him for all things.

Clarise: God has taught me so much in such a short amount of time. He showed me that I need to rely on Him and especially live in the now. I usually check the time every 5 minutes but now with no distractions such as a watch or a phone I have to live in the moment. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me.

Daniel: This week, God has showed me so much about Himself through other people. By listening to other people’s stories, I’ve seen God work in ways that would not be possible with out Him. Especially through Anthony and Stephen’s (guys on the 5 week team) testimonies. Basically, without God we would be living in regret and fear. Hearing and seeing this, the realization of how awesome God is has dawned upon me.

D’Anna: God has been teaching me so much this week. He’s spoken through Lisa and Jenny and to me during quiet time and has told me to trust him with my future no matter where He tells me to go and what He tells me to do. I’m learning to rely on Him and listen to His call for my life. He has surrounded me with an awesome group of believers this week and I can’t wait for this week to continue.

Dixie: God has been working in amazing ways in my life since the trip started. I’ve learned so much more than I expected, about myself and about God. He’s showing me how to put my full trust in Him and He has been speaking to me in amazing ways. I can’t wait to experience all the things He has in store for me the rest of the trip.

Kayla: God has been teaching me how to let go and give Him complete control of my life, my whole life. I have been more trusting of Him, because I know He loves me and wants the best for me. He won’t let me go through anything I can’t handle. He has been making me a stronger person and I’m so excited! God is good.

Tory: God is soooo good! So far this week I’ve been listening so much! I’ve never before in my whole life felt so close to God and felt so completely loved. He’s been working on my heart and I don’t want it ever to end. 

SO, Praise God!! It has been so humbling and awesome to see God work in the lives of these teenagers. He is so good and continues to blow us away through the lives of the team. We are so stoked to see the levels of freedom and confidence become even stronger over the next week.

–The 2 week Texico team

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