A Man After God’s Own Heart

Coming into this trip I thought our team was going to be all girls and that it was just going to be a huge mess of emotions. Little did I know that assumtion was not completely true. David is a 17 year old typical teenage guy on the outside, but his heart has something special inside. At first glance he seemed very out of place leading us around town with his bare feet and his tye-dye tshirt. My first thought screamed sketchy since I am a year older than him and my life is basically in his hands. All I needed though was a short amount of time with him to know that he was different than the average 17 year old male. He has a pure passion for missions and sharing the gospel. He was in Nicaragua for a month by himself, meerly because he loves it here and in his words, he doesnt like the attitudes of Americans. He truely loves God. He truely loves to change peoples lives by showing them what it means to just be a friend and to be a light in the darkness. He definately changed my life and the life of my teammates. The kid has the most contageous joy and is sarcastically hilarious and could never fail to put a smile on my face. He proposed to me with a pringle and played card games with us for hours on end. Although his humor does make him special, its the side of him that is on the inside that really makes your heart happy. He is not prideful, but if you look closely you will catch him always reading the Bible, getting so lost in worship that he acts like no one else is around, and praying for you when you need it the most. He has such a servants heart and his attitude is selfless. He heard Gods call on his life and he obeyed. He’s holding nothing back and that alone gives me hope and a reason to strive further everyday to obey God’s call on my life. I know God put David in my life not only for a friend, but one who I can count on to challenge me in my walk with God and I know he will be walking his out right beside me.