World Changers: Let Loose in Leon

Sitting in a muggy courtyard, on the cold tile floor with the fan blowing on their backs are some pretty amazing people. 

They are 14 students who decided to leave their comfortable lives and any possible “cool” summer plans back in America for a life changing 2 weeks in Nicaragua.

From nicaragua.myadventures.org

           Heres the Nicaragua team with the Puerto Rico team at launch! 

Earlier today they were working hard to prepare for tomorrows ministry at a school by learning songs in Spanish, finding verses to share with the kids and preparing a story to share with them.

I (Mikala) have the pleasure of leading these ambassadors alongside Gary and I could never convey how much I love them and its only day 1.

From nicaragua.myadventures.org 

Day 1 and we have already had an impromptu morning worship jam, explored the beautiful city of Leon and started on the lesson plans for tomorrow’s ministry.

Smoothie walks and ice cream shop hunting have also been accomplished today along with bonding by belting out classic songs like Don’t Stop Believing. 

These students continue to blow me away, by the way they love, serve and challenge.

Their love pours out on one another as well as those around them here in Nicaragua. Their hearts are bent on serving God and every one of them wants to push into the challenges they face. They know that these challenges either big or small are chances to grow and they want to grab as much of it as they can.


With full force they begin their 2 week trip, and it truly is their trip, Gary and I are here to guide them and cover them with prayer, but they have taken it by the reigns, preparing their ministry materials and leading worship as if they have done it for years.

 From nicaragua.myadventures.org

And this is only day 1.


By day 9 I can only imagine what will be shared here with you. 

Now after a full day of adventure and exploration I can only pray they wont have to much fun staying up late talking (praying for each other) and let me sleep tonight. But if they can’t contain themselves I know I will have a day filled with joy tomorrow now matter how little sleep I get because it will be another day spent with them.

I hope Leon is ready, because tomorrow these amazing kids are prepared to change this city. 

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