Lester Jose

On Monday of this week we moved from the lakefront one room brick house in El Guayabo, Nicaragua to the luxury of El Puente in Granada, Nicaragua. This was probably the hardest challenge I have faced so far. In El Guayabo life was different, instead of wasting time on material things the people spent their time in fellowship with each other, because they didnt have those other things. Lester was the first kid that ever spoke to us there, we pulled up and opened the door of the car and there was his smiling face. Immediately I fell in love with him. He is an 8 year old boy with a huge heart. Every day he would yell my name and sprint into my arms and it would never fail to make me the happiest person in the world. He has two little brothers named Heliceo and Samuel, who like any little brothers would follow in Lesters footsteps so naturally they were always around. I couldnt have asked for anything better. They taught me how to love with reckless abandon and without fear. I knew that whatever love I poured out to them would be poured back into me 10X more. I left my boy with two pictures of me and a bracelet I made him and I have every intention to send him letters and keep him as a part of my life. I refuse to let go of him, because he has taken a piece of my heart. I smile with genuine joy just thinking about him. I hope with all my heart that I can go back and visit him someday because i hate the idea that the last thing we remember about each other is our tears pouring down, not wanting to say goodbye. I know God has a purpose behind everything He does, and Im so glad he gave me my boys and a whole new understanding of unconditional love and joy.

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