My Growth

Hola mi amigos, it’s Izzy tunin’ in from Nicaragua!!

I’m so excited to share some of my experiences with you guys considering this is my first time typing a real blog.

My experience started out a little rocky, I was struggling with a lot of things with myself and places in my life I needed God to take control of because it, was affecting my relationships with people even before I came on this trip. A few days ago I slipped up and didn’t tell the truth about a situation and blamed another one of my teammates. Although I messed up I truly think through this situation I gave my struggle of compulsive lying over to God. I spent a lot of time in His word and in prayer yesterday and the day before. Prayer has always been something I have struggled with. I have not been feeling like I receive anything from God, and I feel my mind always drifts. However when I was in prayer the other day and spending time in His word I connected with God and what He wanted for me.

This morning me and my team went to do homeless ministry for men. Even though I wasn’t able to communicate with them because we don’t speak the same language it doesn’t matter. I learned something from them. I was truly able to see where lying and deception can take you. I have also seen it in the past at home with situations that I’ve been in myself and although my situations were really bad they didn’t hit me like this trip has been hitting me. The relief and glory you get to feel  when being truthful is such an amazing feeling. This is something my Mom has always  told me but it’s never been something I’ve picked up on. Until this trip.

I wanted to post this because I wanted to share my growth with you all and I want to thank you for all your prayers for me. They have been helping a lot. I mostly want to thank God for all He has been doing for me on this amazing trip to Nicaragua and I am so excited where else He is going to take me in these last few days here and when I return home.

Love you and miss you all!


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