Beauty For Ashes Widows Retreat

We were asked to put on a retreat for 40 widows that Vision Nicaragua works with. We picked the story of Ruth to show how our Heavenly Father loves and provides for us, meeting us in our despair. Turning our mourning to joy (Jeremiah 31) and bringing beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61:1-3.)


We had 40 beautiful ladies join us for our retreat.  Most have been widowed at a young age because of the kidney disease that men get here in Nicaragua.  The men work in the sugar cane fields.  The sugar cane is sprayed with a pesticide that is cheap and effective but causes kidney disease.  Once someone has the disease, they can live on dialysis if they have the money to pay for it (most do not) for about 5 years.   

Leah shared how God has helped her and her family through hard times – Ana translated

Sydney and Izzy taught the lesson on Ruth and Carlos translated

We had 40 women retreat to our conference for a refreshment, encouragement, fellowship and love

Most of the women had never drawn or colored before but once they tried it they loved it! We spent time praying and asking Our Father God how He sees us and we drew a picture reflecting what He said

One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever. ~ Linda Lam

Lynden had the best time with our oldest, dearest participant 

They made this picture together

Praying over each women while they allowed us to love and serve them was such a treat!

Sacrificial love – when you’re not a fan of feet but you look past yourself to serve and love someone 

Some of the ladies let their toes and finger nails be painted – these ladies do so much for their families, they are not used to being doted on

Just as Jesus showed love to His disciples by washing their feet, our team was able to love on these precious ladies by washing their feet and painting their nails

We made bracelets for everyone to remember how precious we are to God, our Father. Gold – a rare and precious metal; we are all uniquely and wonderfully made Purple – royalty; we are all daughters of the Most High King White – Jesus sacrifice washes us white as snow and make us pure 

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