Before I had to come to Nicaragua, I had always had this fear of praying out loud, or praying over people. I would only feel comfortable if I prayed by myself, in my room, and in my head. I always felt that if I prayed out loud or for people, I would mess up, or say the wrong thing, or just sound stupid. If someone would ask me to pray out loud, I would freak out, and just make it as quick and easy as possible. I did not like it at all. During this trip, I feel like God is showing me that I can pray out loud, and theres nothing to worry about. He has showed me the power of prayer, and that prayers can heal others. Because God has shown ths to me, I feel like I can pray out loud or for people. I don{t need to worry about anything. Prayer has become very important to me, because of what God has shown me here in Nicaragua.

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