The other day my team and I piled up in the back of a truck and rode to the city dump. After about 10 minutes riding we turned off the main road onto a dirt road. Soon after we turned on the dirt road I could begin to see trash. After about 5 minutes on the dirt road we came to a stop, after we all piled out we could see mountains of trash, through out the mountains you could see people digging through all the trash trying to find anything to eat or to sell. The site was heart breaking. Flies numbered to the hundreds, and dogs went around trying to find anything they could. There was kids there as young as 1 and 2 years old. Looking at all this it was extremely overwelming. After trying to talk to a few kids me and another girl from my team had to leave because Heather had gotten stung by something and my wrist was messed up. They wanted to make sure my wrist was not broken.
As we were walking out we saw one of the most if not the most beautiful butterfly ever. It was bright orange and black. Even though it was small, and most people would not even care about it. It is like God was saying even in the worse and saddest places I am still with you.