Last night we were again invited to another school, this time it was at an all girls high school.  We did what has been our normal program, drama, preaching, testamonies, songs. This time however none of walked out of those doors wondering “did anyone hear us? Did God use us in any way?, etc”. We know that God was moving in that room because after the program was over the girls rushed the team, begging to hear more testamonies from those on the team who hadn’t spoken, they were exclaiming how wonderful and meaningful they thought the drama was to them. This alone would have been refreshing for the team but God carried it one step further. The girls asked awesome questions because they too wanted a deeper relationship with Jesus. Another praise is that  two of the girls who were in the audience sought out one of our girls on the team and confessed that they wanted to know Jesus too. They were right then in prayer in which they prayed that they would know the LOVE of God because they believed that Jesus died on the cross.

It was a powerful night for everyone. So powerful in fact they have invited the team back on sunday to hold a service for the whole school because last night we only had a portion of the students and they want us to speak to everyone in the school.

Thank you for your prayers already but we ask now that you be in prayer for sunday that we again be able to reach the students and build them up. Also we ask you to pray for those who want to know Jesus that they would continue with this hunger even long after we are gone. Thank you all!!


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