He Accepted Christ!

Hey guys! Livin’ the missionary life down here in Nicaragua! Currently staying at a place called Vision Nicaragua. The property is so pretty and green. It’s hot here, but not Georgia hot. There’s no humidity. We’re drinking lots of water and gatorade. I’m so in love with this country.

Today we went to San Carlos a little village close to Chinandega (where we are staying). The team split up in two groups and went around door to door. We shared how important having a relationship with God is, showing love, and praying for locals. Most of the men that work in the sugarcane fields go into kidney failure due to the pesticides they have to put on the field.

One man in particular that was 24 was standing doing work in someone’s yard. We began by asking him if he had anything we could pray for him about. He told us that he had the kidney failure from working in the sugarcane field. We then asked him if he knew Jesus and if knew that he was going to heaven. Most locals are catholic and believe that if you sin you aren’t a christian anymore. He told us that he wasn’t certain that he was. We told him more about Jesus and heaven. After many minutes of talking and sharing with him. He accepted Christ for the first time today. It was amazing.

Later today, we also went to another village. The locals all gathered in one yard by the streets. They were so welcoming to us. They sang a couple of songs in Spanish then we sang some interactive songs with them like Father Abraham and O Lay Lay and they loved it. Especially the kids.

Our group shared two testimonies and then I shared a scripture near and dear to my heart. Ecclesiastes 3:11- He has made everything beautiful in his time. The entire time we had translators. Then someone shared a message and we played with the kids in the street. We had bubbles, a parachute, and a soccer ball.

Update on the food: Beans and rice for every meal:). Which is perfectly fine with me if you know me. We went to the market and bought iguana and had it for a taste test. I couldn’t eat it. Usually not into food I’m used to but here I love the food! Tonight we had fried plantains, empanadas, rice, beans, pork rinds, and avocado – yum! 


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