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It is such a blessing being a part of Team Nicaragua Four Week.  God is doing some radical things with and within this team.  I always laugh my pants off at what God does and almost never understand why He does things the way He does.  

But it is all for His glory and Kingdom and as a team we are grateful.  Grateful for the pasts and stories we’ve come from that mold us into who we are today.  Grateful for the present of knowing that we are children of God and have been given the authority to raise the dead to life. TO LIFE!

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July 6th, 2012. –  It started like any other day…  We went to have a Bible study with a family we have been visiting a few times.  It has been so wonderful learning and sharing about Jesus’ healing and miracles.   Our team was about to get up and pray over the family before we left.  

The father then had a question. He shared with us that he and the lady he lived with and had children with weren’t married.  He asked us if they would still go to Heaven if they weren’t married. And he and his family accepted Christ and were baptized but weren’t married or walking too much in obedience to God.  So we explained that they would go to Heaven but to live in obedience to God and if they want to please Him and walk in His footsteps it would be good to join Him in marriage.  

The father then explained that they wanted to get married from the start but could never afford a lawyer or person to legally wed them.  (And this is where it gets crazy sweet.)  

We as a team decided that if it’s what this couple wanted,  we would pay for the lawyer to come and marry them.  And the couple were so overjoyed and accepted because they wanted to please God and allow to walk with each other in obedience.  

Now,  Team Nicaragua is planning a wedding for next Thursday.  We all keep asking God, ‘What is our life, and what are you doing?’ , and He just keeps telling us that He has wild plans for this team and the people we are pouring into.  So the wedding date is set for July 12,2012 which is next week!  

God has been so good to this team, teaching us about how we are instruments and keys used for His Kingdom. And right after the Wedding was set we went and visited a lady.  She is 80 and has a problem with her legs.  

Our team felt like we should visit her and sing and pray radical healing over her.   Now this lady has more going on then physical pain and struggle.  She also has a belief that she is unloved and unappreciated.  As a team that walks in healing, freedom,  life,  and in the Spirit we prayed and declared peace and truth over her for almost an hour.  

God was and is there.  Although she didn’t experience physical healing right then.  She experienced healing from emotional and spiritual bondage.  Walls were called down and ripped apart inside her heart and it seemed that for the first time in a while she let love in.  And it was beautiful.  The joy of the Lord manifested itself in a few smiles that she gave.  It was lovely.  

As a team we made a decision to visit her to speak into her life as much as possible with our time left here.  God has so much more love and healing for this woman and we believe that He can heal her emotionally as well as physically.  So so good!

And the day ended in a funeral.  When we first arrived here in Nica there was a lady that was a neighbor in our village that passed away.  Some of the girls on our team had the privilege to pray and speak peace over her family and friends.  It was something that impacted the village we are based in tremendously.  God revealed to us that we arrived right at the perfect time to help bring restoration and healing.  And that is exactly what He did.  

After being exhausted and trying to process the events of what happened earlier in the day we all chilled for a sec at the girls house.  Suddenly a bunch of people started pouring into the yard and explained that they were having a memorial service for this lady.  

A couple of the girls on this team felt led to make a presence there to show their respect and to honor the family.  It was definitely a different experience for us all.  The sad part was is that she was not a Christian but through her death a few of her family members accepted Christs love for them and in that we rejoice.  God’s love is here.

A lot of amazing radical things are happening here for sure.  And this was just one day!  God has been setting a special unity over this team.  Everyone has shared their testimonies and what they have walked through and we as children of God know that we hear the voice of the Lord.  

It’s incredible seeing this team walk in so much obedience and in live Spirit-filled lives and in that can speak life into each other.  There is a fire burning in this team and it keeps getting wilder and even stronger.  And it’s so sweet that we still have two weeks left!  God is so good.  

From nicaragua-hs.adventures.org

Parents, as one of the leaders of this team,  I want to tell you how proud I am of your kids.  But they aren’t even kids.  They are woman and men of God walking in obedience.  Know that they are loved and fought for like crazy here!   God is doing wild things within them and with them.  As children of God they are raising the dead to life!  Be proud.  We love you and appreciate you.

Gloria a Dios!( Glory to God!)

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