Update and Ministry Highlights

Hello family, friends, and prayer supporters. We have had a wonderful month here in Granada and are finishing up our last week of ministry. We will be flying back to the States on Thursday. We will not have the opportunity to communicate again until we have landed stateside. So, before we leave, we would like to share with you some of the highlights from our last week of ministry:

Today we were able to visit one of the local nursing homes. We had a wonderful time interacting with the patients and helping them with their daily exercises.

Yesterday was our day off. We were able to visit the lagoon (which was created by an imploded volcano). We enjoyed the afternoon swimming in the lagoon, kayaking, and taking a 12-mile bike ride through the muddy Nicaraguan streets. It was quite the adventure!

On Saturday we had a true Nicaraguan experience visiting the local market, learning to barter with the merchants, and seeing all the traditional hand-crafted items.

On Friday we were able to return to the orphanage for girls to spend some more time hanging out with the girls before we had to say goodbye. We have loved building relationships with them, showing them the love of God and just enjoying one another. We were able to laugh and enjoy our last day together dancing to Justin Bieber (yes, he is popular in Nicaragua too!)

On Thursday we returned to the church were we have been doing the feeding program and vacation Bible school. It was wonderful to spend more time with the precious people in the congregation.

     The Lord has blessed our time and ministry here in Granada so much! We have enjoyed the warmth of the Nicaraguan people and are sad to say goodbye. We will look forward to sharing more stories with you once we return home. Thank you for your prayers while we have been here.