All My Sisters

This trip has been insane. I cannot believe it’s over and if Ii were saying that out loud I would be getting choked up. I am going to miss Nicaragua and everyone I met there so so so much!


Before this trip I never really considered the fact that I would meet this group of girls, go on a three week trip with them, and then leave and never see some, if not most of them ever again until after I die.


It’s like they are all my sisters, and not just in Christ, but like biological sisters. We are all so comfortable together, we know each other’s lives and deep dark secrets, we’ve seen each other at some of our best and worst times, we’ve shared clothes, had long talks and even fought.


I truly love each and every one of them and I will never forget them. And although I can’t quite say the same about the Nicaraguans I met and befriended, I still love them, will never forget them, and oh my goodness will I miss them.


I truly feel like this trip has helped me drastically grow in several major areas and has encouraged me even more to continue in international missions. Thanks so much to everyone and especially to Ambassador. 🙂


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