B is for Brotherhood

Rock climbing, the market, the Holy Spirit leading, and the power of prayer. These phrases can describe our time so far in Nepal.  July 9 was our first off day here in Nepal. We decided to go rock climbing. Getting to our destination was a struggle. A van that would comfortably fit twelve people was packed with twenty-five people. Since being here, we have either traveled by the means of public transportation or we have walked. The Nepali people make most of what they have.

While we were rock climbing the spiritual gift of exhortation was present in every single team member. All seven of us displayed some sort of exhortation while each team member chose to climb the wall of their choice. We continued to encourage each other as we attempted to climb. 1 John 2:13 says that John writes to young men telling them we have overcome. Several team members have overcome some obstacle in the past seven days that we have been here.

Monday, July 10 was our first day of ministry in the slums of Kathmandu. We began teaching the alphabet and used sign language which led into the miracle of feeding the multitude of five thousand people with only fives tiny loaves of bread and two fish. The kids loved playing games and learning with us once we adjusted to us.

When the topic of adjusting comes up I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that we have experienced and gained some knowledge about being a foreigner. Christ says through the author of 1 Peter that we are foreigners of this world as Christians. Team Nepal has adapted very well to the Nepali culture in just the week that we have been here. Each and every day we are becoming more and more comfortable being in the city.

Back home I am sure that so many are questioning and are wondering what has been our favorite, the most eye-opening, etc. A common event that happens that is at the top of the list is seeing the joy of people when we take the initiative and say “Namaste” which is “Hello” in Nepali or just seeing the kids, who are in search of love, jump and scream because we have arrived.

One of our team members mentioned in our debrief 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 which tells us to be courageous, strong, and to stand firm, yet do everything in love. As the first all male ambassador team this has become a part of our team culture. We are developing a sense of brotherhood. In which we want to experience and show the love of Christ. We ask that you continue to be in prayer for us and more specifically that the people in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal, can see the love of Christ through us. We want to encourage and strengthen the believers that are already here. Thank you for the continuous overflow of love, support, and prayer. Thank you.

With much love and gratitude from a fellow team member in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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