Team USA: Being Bold

I’ve always had a heart to do missions. I’ve always loved kids and serving others. I never realized until this trip that being a “missionary” doesn’t happen when you hop in a plane to a third world country, or in this case, jumping in a van to road trip across the US with 18 of your new best friends. No. “Missionary” isn’t a title, it’s a lifestyle. We are not made to only be on missions in crazy, unknown places, but in our small towns, large cities, and communities that we call home.

Missions isn’t only VBS at your church or in Haiti; living in a constant missionary mindset is waking up and figuring out how you can serve and love others to bring glory and praise to God. Mission work is not defined by where you are, but HOW you are.

Through this trip (so far) I’ve learned a lot about myself. Before this I had a very narrow minded outlook on what missions is and what I look like I’m that. I’ve learned that I’m not supposed to be the missionary who leaves everything behind to live in a third world country. Instead, I’m called to be Emily: the bold follower of Jesus who takes every patient, every lesson, and every opportunity as a chance to show love and joy and to bring glory to the most high God.

Missions isn’t just a season of my life. It shouldn’t be just a season of anyone’s life. This trip has reminded me of our life calling: called by Jesus to live and love, boldly.