Team USA, Day 3: Pilsen Comes Alive

Day one of full-on ministry was an interesting one to say the least. We were tasked with gutting an abandoned apartment owned by Dunamis Church and found that it had extreme flood damage and was covered in mold. Everything inside had to be cleared out and taken to the dump, which required strength, determination, a strong stomach, and protective clothing and respirators!!

The coolest thing about this whole day, though, had nothing to do with clearing out the apartment. While we were cleaning, the community outside was in full blossom. People were walking around and asking us if they could help. We had conversations with a couple of the neighbors and just saw the way they lived. A young girl watched us from a window. There was an older lady, Miss Rose, who was sitting on her porch the whole time, who everyone in the neighborhood seemed to know her. She just sat there and occasionally made comments about what we were doing or the things we were bringing out of the apartment. I loved just being in the neighborhood, experiencing the culture, and getting a chance to see the real life that goes on in the city.

We have an awesome opportunity coming up and that it is we get to tear out the walls!! We are going to clear the place out to the studs and it is going to be incredible. I can’t wait to see what the rest of ministry looks like, and to see what God does in the community we are working in!!

(Pictures of today coming soon!)

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