Four Days…in Albania!

We have been in Albania a total of 4 days now and are learning the ropes of serving on a Farm. This includes a lot of new experiences for many, such as bottle feeding baby pigs, cleaning out goat stalls, stacking hay-bells, various yard work, and all of the duties of being an extra hand on this amazing sustainable farm. We are each learning more through our Team Times and study of Proverbs in the morning with our kind host, George. God has been showing us more about wisdom and how to study the word intentionally.

Next week the kids will be coming for kids camp. We are excited to be able to share more of our faith and works with them!

This weekend we plan to spend some quality time as a team adventuring to the Beach and on a short hike to Lezhë Castle.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and love. We will continue to post blogs about our time here 

Surprisingly it seems that the Team is enjoying being able to experience a hard days work, garden fresh meals served family style, long times of bible devotionals, and time disconnected from technology.

You should be proud of them–They are truly amazing.

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