Intentional Time

After a few long flights and layovers we have finally made it to Albania and God has taught me many things along the way. We were welcomed by our host, George, who has taught us practical work skills and skills we need to grow spiritually. From training camp to the first night here, the idea that sticks out to me is being intentional with others and God.

In a foreign place with new faces and challenges it can be easy to distance ourselves from God and the people around us. Our team decided as a group that being intentional would be one of our goals for this trip. I’ve tried to incorporate this into my time here by listening to others, choosing to engage in conversation to learn more about my teammates, and setting aside time for prayer, bible study, and journaling.

By choosing to help feed the pigs or wash the dishes after meal time, I have learned more about my teammates. By listening in my small group or team time, I have learned more about myself and God. God is able to speak and work in me when I choose to be intentional.

Pictures taken at Razafa Castle