Pictures From Nicaragua

 Here are a few pictures from our first few days of ministry to give you a glimpse of what it looks like to partner with Vision Nicaragua.  Please enjoy and leave and questions or comments for us below



To open the medical clinic, Dr Michael addressed the entire crowd with advice like to drink more water and not soda, eat homemade food not junk food and to not eat too many sweets


Dr Michael took time to listen to each patient 



Abbie taking vitals during the medical clinic



Anna painting this beautiful girl’s face while she waits for her turn at the medical clinic



Leah and Jasmine playing frisbee with new friends during the medical clinic


Elia and Lena dispensing prescriptions at the medical clinic



Playing with the children using a parachute and a beach ball




Lena sharing the wonder of bubbles with some children


Izzy sharing some of her story


Carlos (one of our translators and Jasmine sharing her testimony



Alysa making a new friend


San Cristobal is the volcano we can from our base and most of the villages we have been to


Ron Read, our host 





This is Mario, our driver and the boss at the base


This is how we get around town



Izzy getting to know a cutie


Leah and Ana (one of our translators, worshiping with the village church




Some friends from the village of Mahanain


Lynden and Abbie playing with Dr Michael’s daughter Janielle



Lena, Izzy, Marita (she accepted Jesus after the team prayed with her, while doing home to home evangelism,) Elia, Lynden and Sonia



Syndey playing with the parachute



Sonia having a blast with the village children, trying to bounce balls off the parachute


Emily, Lylse and Leah taking a break from soccer



This is a glimpse of the market



Tina has the two live iguanas we bought at the market to try, our two cooks Antonia and Estella cooked them up for us – iguana is a treat here in Nicaragua


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