A Little Something From Listening Prayer

I heard from God today during listening prayer and this is what He had to say:


Ever since arriving at Albania I’ve constantly been saying and hearing others on my team say how beautiful this country is. He formed this country perfectly from the mountains, to the trees, the people, the stars, the sunsets, the moon, and everything we see. He filled this world with so much beauty. He formed the landscapes perfectly both the Earth and the sky. Pure perfection. Remember that this is the same God who formed you. Every bit and piece of you was formed by the same God who made the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, and the beautiful mountains that surround us. God sees you and He loves you! Even the things that you don’t like about yourself. He sees them and He delights in you. He loves everything about you. The best part is hat God thinks you are more beautiful than the mountains. You are more perfect than the stars in the sky. You are more precious than gold. 



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