Well hello everyone! I would like to just say that we have had a fantastic time in Albania and we are still going strong! Thank you for all of the parents for sending your incredibly talented children to do missions, it’s so fun to work with people who adore what you do, whether it’s manual labor or hanging out with kids at a summer camp. We all have had the pleasure to meet and greet new people every single day, it’s been tuff some days because We are so far away from home, but We keep two feet on the ground and never back down! Words can’t really express how much we feel for the people, every day we wake up at 6:50am and either do yoga on the balcony or helping out in the kitchen at 7:30am and some days we wake up at 5:45am to feed baby goats! ( it sounds cute but trust me it’s not as great as it may sound). Thank you so much for trusting us to go to another country and trusting the people who are taking care of us, it takes a lot of time to just understand why we all would go around the world to help people when we could do it at home, but the reason we do it is because we aren’t afraid to go out of our country to help people who are in need because it’s what we love and we love you for letting us fulfill out a dream we couldn’t do with out your encouragement and love for us. See you soon and we love you!!!! ????????