Time for Change

Waa gwaan! Kayleigh here!

The moment we walked out of the airport, we could see jesus through the people of jamaica. It’s day 4 in Jamaica and we have already street evangelized to the local Jamaicans, cut and painted cardboard soldiers for a VBS, tagged along to a game of futból, and teached 25 people, ages ranging from 9 to 25, how to play basketball! I am excited to see the Lord continue to move the rest of this adventure! On a more personal note, I have been frustrated, moved, and changed during the past 7 days, which include the 3 days of training camp. Going into the trip, I had been praying for a while that God would heal some broken pieces in my heart. I struggle with believing I have a specific role in God’s Kingdom. Most of the time I feel unwanted, too young to make a difference, and feeling like I don’t have value. These feelings started to make me feel bitter and unhappy and I was tired of feeling that way. The only way to defeat this battle was to take it up with Jesus which to me, was to spill it all over my journal. The day after I took my struggle up with Jesus, 10 of my team member and I did a prayer exercise; 5 of us would close our eyes and then the other 5 would walk over to one person and allow the Holy Spirit to give them a word, a vision, or a prophecy. I closed my eyes and after a few minutes, I opened my eyes and Noah (the only guy on the Jamaican team) was before me. Noah looked at me and said “the very moment I touched you, I kept seeing a pearl”. He continued to describe how God told him that I represented the pearl. God spoke through Noah saying that I was beautiful, of value, and had many uses. Gods words through Noah touched me in a way that mended a piece of my heart. I AM of use, I AM of value, and I AM beautiful. The God of the universe said so! So friends, if you believe you have no worth, if you feel unnoticed, unwanted, or ashamed of how God made you, that is satan getting what he wants. Lie after lie satan torments us but when you rely on the truth and grace that God brings to the table, satan no longer has a foothold on you. In conclusion, God has been touching my spirit and healing parts of me that have been broken for a long time. I am SO EXCITED to see what else God has in store for the Jamaicans we’re ministering to, the Jamaicans we are working side by side with, and the hearts of my teammates (fam).

Gad bles yu

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