Life After My Trip to Jamaica

I have been home almost two months now and life has gone easier in some places and hard in others. 

I wake up every morning still remembering sleeping on the church benches and having my beautiful team around me. I am reminded of Jamaica ever time I see a little kid playing outside or in my church. I see the kids faces when ever I scroll through my pictures. I see the feet of the little girl that loved to sit on my lap and just watch people ever time I open up my Facebook account. I hear my teams voices when ever I read there letter. I see it everywhere.

A lot has happened to me well I’ve been home. Both good and bad. My family lost our house well I was gone in Jamaica and we had to move into my grandparents house. There isn’t much space in there house and some days I feel like we are all on top of each other. My dad back in January so had a stroke and ever since has had seizures. Watch makes him unable to work. It was hard to leave him for two weeks, but we both know it was the right then for me to go. Since being home he has gotten worse. Because he can’t work me and my sister had to switch school, because we couldn’t afford to send me and my sister to a Christian school. 

But since being home, I have not only grown super close to my family. I have grown so much closer to God. My knew school is online now watch allows me a more fixable hours and gives me more time sever my town. I have had opportunities to go on pray walks with my church and by myself. I’m helping out in our childern’s ministry a lot more and teaching them about God.

Even with all this happen I still remember the biggest lesson I learned on on this trip and that is we have to come to God. We have to want that relationship with him as well. No matter where we are at in life in loves us. He doesn’t care if we are the person that cuts themselves, if you are the girl that was teased her whole life, if you are miss popular, or if you are running around with different man every night. Yes he doesn’t like it when we do these things and we need to treat our bodies like the temples God say there are; but these things don’t end the love God has for us and the fact that he wants  a relationship with you. 


Being home has stretched me more then I thought it would but it is all worth it.

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