Going Out of Your Comfort Zone for God

For many people their “comfort zone” is being on their phones, driving anywhere any time, having electricity, wifi available anywhere, being able to wear a new outfit every day, a bed to sleep on, more than one room in the house, air conditioning.. The list goes on and on..
For these 2 weeks we’ve decided to go out of our “comfort zone” and take away those things. We took a step into a new country.. A new WORLD even.. And those things were instantly taken away.
For people here.. Their “comfort zone” is being with family, having a roof over their heads, having food on the table, being with friends all the time, laughing, loving their music they listen to on their flip phones, even seeing goats every day is a part of their comfort zone!
I’m glad The Lord said to me “Hannah!! Wake up!! Put down your phone! Turn off the tv.. Go serve me.. Go help people that need ME.” We are lost in a digital world that doesn’t even exist and it has made us blind to the real world and the problems that are going on.
Sure I don’t have my phone, but I get to talk to people in PERSON and see their real emotions! Yeah I don’t get to watch tv, but I get to watch kids play games, even CREATE their own! I’m not with people I interact with every day.. But I am with Godly people that need love. And to see their smiles on their faces every day.. Is SO worth going out of my “comfort zone”!! I encourage anyone who reads this to step out of their “comfort zone” and look at the real world.. Because you may miss it all by the blink of an eye.. Or before you can send one text message.

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