Travel to San Pedro, Guatemala

Today was a travel day for team Guatemala. We left Antigua and drove through the mountains to San Pedro where we will spend the next ten days. Sometimes traveling through the mountains can be a little nerve racking (especially if you get car sick!) But God can use any experience to show us more about His love for us. 

Check out Emily’s story from our travel day! 

This is Emily Dillehay typing to you from a desk next to the hammocks on our porch in San Pedro. It is beautiful and foggy here. I am loving it. However, the drive here was not the most relaxing. You see the “roads” in Guatemala are not what I would call roads. They are cobbled, crooked, narrow, and sometimes nonexistent. Today, while declining down a mountain, the driver decided that the one way road was too mainstream, and began going down a dirt road at a faster-than-needed-pace. I made a foolish decision and looked over the edge, which was a lot closer than I thought, and began to freak out. But Connor, my teammate, didn’t realize it and loudly continued with his card game. Obviously, I shoved him on the shoulder and told him to stop. Haha. No hard feelings Connor. Then my new, godly friends blew me away once again. Kelsey stopped taking pictures, Connor quieted down, and the rest of the bus payed attention. Without missing a beat, they asked me if I wanted them to pray with/over me. I nodded quickly and they put their hands on my shoulder. They prayed for me and asked God to give me comfort and take away any fear. It worked (of course) and I spent the next few minutes thinking about how awesome that event was. Without asking, my friends (who are teenagers by the way) volunteered to pray over me. Not because they were trying to be impressive. Not because their mom or dad told them to. Just because they loved me, wanted me to have peace, and knew the only way was through Jesus. I personally find that wonderful. I am so excited to be surrounded by people like that. Please pray for us in Guatemala. That we would help others, grow in Jesus, and be a blessing to one another.

Sorry for no pictures today, but we will try to upload some tomorrow of beautiful San Pedro!-Amanda 


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